Prospective Tenants

Our Services

Broad Court Property Management Ltd. are a specialist student accommodation letting agency based on the Bristol Road in the heart of Selly Oak. We have a large range of student accommodation in Birmingham, varying in size from 1 bedroom flats up to 11 bedroom properties. Sometimes adjacent properties can cater for larger groups. We also occasionally have single room vacancies, where existing groups of tenants need an extra person to fill their property - please ask us for details.

Our specialist staff are on hand to guide you through every step of your tenancy: from finding the best properties for you, viewing properties and signing a Tenancy Agreement, to dealing with any requirements throughout your tenancy.

Our tenants can expect:

  • Competitive rents
  • Specialist friendly staff to assist you with every stage throughout your tenancy
  • Deposits protected through my|deposits, a Government approved provider
  • Good quality accommodation
  • 24-hour service for emergencies

How It All Works

First, search our list for properties that you'd like to live in and make a shortlist. If you have any problems finding exactly what you're looking for, or with cutting down your list to a reasonable number, pop into our office or phone us and we'll help!

Then, arrange to view the properties on your shortlist. Feel free to make arrangements to view a property directly with the current tenants - or we can arrange viewings for you. Most student properties are fully furnished. Generally, bedrooms are furnished with a bed, drawer space, a wardrobe, a desk and a chair. Most kitchens are equipped with a cooker, fridge/freezer and washing machine. Tenants can bring their own bits and pieces with them, so it's important to check with the current tenants exactly what belongs to the landlord, and what's their own stuff.

When you've decided which property you want, let us know and we'll produce all the documentation, which you is usually completed online.

You will then have 3 days to complete the required paperwork. During this 3 day period, we will reserve the property for you free of charge, and the Tenancy Agreement will only become legally binding at the end of this period. Once the paperwork has been completed and becomes a binding contract all that's left is for you to pick up the keys and move in at the start of your tenancy.

To keep life simple, rents are calculated on an individual basis, based on a weekly rent. However, should you choose, this rent can be apportioned throughout the group as you see fit.

Good luck finding your perfect house!

Your Contract

This is officially known as the Tenancy Agreement. We suggest you read the sample tenancy agreement we provide and make sure you understand the terms before you sign — it'll make the signing process much faster and simpler. Feel free to ask us about any parts you're unclear on.

Before you sign, you should check that the details are correct. The details that change are: the date; the landlord's name; your names (all of you should be named and the names should be spelt correctly); the address of the property you're renting; the term of the contract (the start and end dates of your tenancy); and the amount you need to pay for your deposit. Water rates may or may not be included in your rent - you should check this too (section 4b).

Whilst you are completing your paperwork, you have a 3 day "cooling off period". During this time you can change your mind. The contract and any deposit cheques you write will be post-dated by 3 working days to allow for this. If you decide you don't want to live in the property after all, let us know within the 3 days, and we'll return your deposit to you. After the "cooling off period" the contract becomes legally binding for both you and us, and we'll bank your deposits.

If you want to move into a vacant property straight away, tell us. The "cooling off period" can be waived if both parties agree to it.


There has been a recent introduction of new legislation that requires us to check a prospective tenant's Right-to-Rent a property. Please read the information on our Right-to-Rent page.


Rent is payable on the first day of each month, in advance, by Standing Order. A Standing Order is an instruction from you to your bank, telling them to pay us a certain amount from your account on a certain day of the month.

To make life simple for you, we normally split the rent for the house into equal portions payable by each tenant. However, you can arrange to split the rent differently if you want.

Students will be asked to provide a guarantor to guarantee their liabilities.

Deposit Protection

Under recent legislation, all deposits paid on rented properties now have to be registered in a Government approved protection scheme. This provides a completely independent arbitration service in the unlikely event of a dispute at the end of your tenancy relating to the return of your deposit. Once your deposit has been paid and any cheques have cleared into the bank, we will protect your deposit and your lead tenant will receive confirmation of this from the approved provider, my|deposits).


We use a commercial credit checking/ referencing service for all prospective professional tenants

Other Charges

We may, at our discretion, make a charge of £50.00, including VAT, to make any amendments to the tenancy agreement- this includes, but is not limited to, the addition/ removal of a tenant or the replacement of a tenant. 

We also charge a fee of £25 (including VAT) if:
  • Your rent is overdue and we send you (or your guarantor) a letter about it. We charge per letter sent
  • Your cheque to us doesn't clear (it "bounces")
  • Your Standing Order payment is recalled by your bank

Overdue rent incurs interest from the date it should have been paid at the rate of 3% above the bank base rate used by Lloyds Bank Plc.

Council Tax

Properties occupied entirely by students are usually exempt from Council Tax if you complete the relevant documentation. If only 1 member of your group is not a student, there is a 25% discount on the Council Tax, again if you complete the relevant documentation. In all other cases, you have to pay the full amount of the Council Tax. It's up to you how you split the amount between you.

The amount of Council Tax due depends on the value of the property you're living in. As bigger houses are worth more, the Council Tax bill will be bigger. This is worth thinking about if you're a large group and some of you are students while others are not.

It is your responsibility to either pay the Council Tax or to send the council the relevant documentation to claim an exemption. We can provide you with the forms you need - just pop into our office.